Top 10 ways how “Technology is making us lazy and dumb”

Top 10 ways how “Technology is making us lazy and dumb”

So when was the last time you played a game of chess or maybe football??

You probably won’t even remember and when was the last time you checked your phone? Maybe a few seconds ago

Technology has touched our lives in such a way that it has become an inseparable part of our lives. Today anything we do is associated with technology in some way or the other, from taking selfies to cooking delicacies everything we do is carried out by gadgets. Despite technology having innumerable benefits it’s making us super lazy and dumb.

Though many of us would agree to disagree with this statement, here are some ways to prove it

10. Waste of time


So you spend whole day doing nothing but texting, clicking selfies and surfing net. The best time pass for all of us no? But problem arises when you start indulging in your favorite time pass even when you are at work. Studies have suggested that too much of indulgence can even increase stress among employers. So next time you login to your facebook account while at work tap the back of your head and say it to yourself that it’s sheer waste of time.

9. Couch potato


You have a T.V. an internet connection a mobile phone, and your room is your world. Voila! You have made it to the honorable couch potato list.

We are so busy in our virtual world that we have forgotten outside there is a real world too! People specially teenagers tend to spend whole of their time indoors doing nothing but hooked to gadgets. This has lead to lack of creativity and unproductiveness among them. Remaining indoors and lack of physical activity also leads to obesity

8. Obesity


Lack of physical activities lead to obesity. In earlier times people used to ride cycles or go on foot to cover distances. This made sure that they remained fit and healthy. Now we have so many different modes of transport to cover distances that even if you need to go to a nearby shop you will take your scooty or car with you. Obesity not only leads to increase in weight but also increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases

7. Less Retention Power

less retention power

Since we have so many apps available to remind us of our tasks and other valuable information we have stopped using the most important app in our body which helped us memorize – our BRAIN. Nowadays we depend less on our memory and more on electronic devices which has resulted in decreased retention power.

6. Sleeping disorders

sleeping disorder

According to a study a person should switch off all the electronic devices like T.V. mobile phones ipads etc 2hrs before going to sleep. Using too much of devices can mess with your sleeping pattern. For almost all of us the first thing we do after waking up is not to brush our teeth but to check our cell phones, a few studies suggest that this activity can often lead to a depressing effect in humans. So too much of usage of devices can lead to sleeping disorders and depression.

5. Lack of satisfaction

lack of satisfaction

Technology is ever changing. It never stays constant. Technology which is latest today will become obsolete tomorrow. The hunger of man to get his hands on the latest technology has lead to a sense of dissatisfaction among them. We always want the latest versions. We are never satisfied with what we have.

4. Social media makes us less social

human interaction

Social networking sites have bridged the gap between us and we can talk to our loved ones anytime, anywhere but what happens when you actually have to meet people – awkwardness? You are not alone. A new phenomenon is on rise where people prefer texting or chatting rather than talking or actually meeting a person. Even if they are actually meeting someone they would like to finish it as soon as possible so that they can go back to their own virtual world. Are you one of them too?

3. Lack of concentration

lack of concentration

Can we think of a day without mobile, laptops etc?   Being glued to the screen all the time can prove to be quite distracting. Since nowadays children are taught with the help of interactive videos they spent most of their time on YouTube and other sites which also have some other distractive content too that may not be suitable for them. Earlier students used to have a concentration of 8mins but now it has reduced to just 5mins. Too much distraction has caused a lack of concentration among us.

2. Insecurity


A tech savvy person would feel vulnerable and insecure without his gadgets. We are so dependent on devices that we feel incomplete without them. We would be under constant threat if our mobile phones get stolen. Our increasing dependence on gadgets has made us more insecure.

1. Addiction


Spending a day without any device seems next to impossible. People nowadays are extremely addicted to their gadgets. They spend all of their time on web and mobile phones. Problem arises when the difference between virtual and real world blurs. People start living in their own virtual world. Technology should be a small part of your life, don’t make it your whole life.

  • MichaelMyers Girl

    I know this is an older article,but I agree with it&am commenting on it. The article,is pretty much spot on. People now days,all they seem to truly care about,is being on the internet. They don’t seem to realize/remember that there is more to life than their gadgets/internet. And most certainly don’t want to deal with the ‘real’ world,anymore. And it’s not just tech/computer/cell-phone type stuff,they’re addicted to. They can’t even do simple things anymore,without a device attached to them. Like grocery shopping. IDK how many times,I have almost been run into by peoples shopping carts,because they’re too busy texting/talking,to watch where they’re going. Good grief! People don’t go visit friends in person,very much anymore. They’re too busy texting,tweeting,vining&selfie-ing,for THAT. They don’t do as much anymore&are lazier,because there is now an amazing array of things that do stuff,FOR them. Cars that watch where the ‘drivers’ are going for them,gadgets that peel hard-boiled eggs for them(seriously,who’s so lazy they can’t peel a damn egg or 2?LOL)&many more things. Even WiFi&DVD players in vehicles. Lack of attention span&memory,are other side effects,of this tech addiction,most people have. Certain technology&gadgets are good things,but most of them,are just the opposite,IMHO. People begin to rely on them,way too much&likely would panic(understatement,perhaps?)if they suddenly did’nt have them,anymore. It’s sad&terrible,IMO.

    Don’t get me wrong,I myself get on the internet(obviously,because here I am. LOL),but nowhere near as often as most people I know&I’ve lost access to the internet for 2-3 days,at a time&it did’nt bother me much,because I have plenty in the real world,to occupy my time&quite happily. (: