Top 10 Ways to Take Care of Your Teeth – Dental Hygiene

Top 10 Ways to Take Care of Your Teeth – Dental Hygiene

A beautiful thousand watt smile is always associated with the features of our face, specifically depending on the teeth and oral hygiene. Did you know the hygiene of your dental features is one of the main reasons to keep us in good health? The germs and organisms in our mouth go inside the body which can cause various kinds of infection. Hence maintaining a very good hygiene of our teeth and mouth is much important. One needs to keep a note on maintaining clean and healthy teeth. Below are just some of the ways following which you can keep a healthy dental hygiene.

10. Brush your teeth regularly


The first thing waking up in the morning, most of us do is brushing out teeth. Although, its a habit ingrained since childhood, a lot many still prefer doing other things before brushing their teeth such as the coffee in bed. The salivary activity in the mouth is less in the night when compared to our day and hence the germs grow faster in the nights. Hence always brush at least twice in a day as soon as you wake up and before going to bed.

9. Use good quality Toothbrush


Gone are the days when a man used twigs of a tree to brush his teeth instead we have a tooth brush to do the job. There are all kinds of brushes in the market and also for all ages. Those Barbie and Spider-Man brushes might be a new idea of selling the brushes, but it also serves the purpose of making your children brushing their teeth regularly. Buy a tooth brush which is easy to hold and which can be easily reached inside the mouth, although tooth brush does clean everywhere.

8. Brush thoroughly


Brushing your teeth should be done with a proper procedure. It’s not just rubbing them for a few seconds and rinsing your mouth. Brushing your teeth with proper mechanical ways helps to remove the plaques more efficiently. Its effective when you brush your teeth with only the dry bristles and rinse with water once before applying the tooth paste. After one round, use the paste. Brush the outer and inner layer of your tongue.

7. Use good toothpaste and mouthwash


There are various kinds of toothpaste available in the market which promises you a bright, shiny and clean teeth. Some of them also made based on the age group. There are salt based, sensitivity, cavities, natural etc. The main thing in any paste people usually look for is the fluoride content which helps in the removal of plaques and any other harmful germs. Children should have parental guidance in case of using a fluoride paste. Use a good fluoride mouthwash which helps in strengthening the tooth enamel.

6. Floss teeth regularly


Before starting to brush your teeth, it is always advisable to floss as it helps to remove any unwanted particles sticking in between your teeth or on the other side of the teeth. It helps to clean the places where a toothbrush might be unable to reach. Hence it is always advisable to floss after eating your food which might remove sticky substances on the teeth and keep your oral health hygienic.

5. Change brush every once in a while


A non electric toothbrush is usually made of synthetic (nylon) bristles with a plastic handle. These bristles upon regular usage it tends to get loose and fall down or might take different shape due to which they might not reach all the spots while brushing your teeth. Hence it is always advisable to change your tooth brush every once in four or six months according to usage.

4. Eat healthy food


Our oral hygiene do not depend entirely on the teeth cleanliness but also the food intake. Different kinds of food we eat can be harmful to our teeth causing cavities. A regular routine of eating more snacks can increase the accumulations of filth between teeth and upon gums causing decay.

Avoid sugary substances which feed the bacteria in our mouth which can be responsible for any kind of infection. Anything consumed should not exceed its limits.

3. Regular visit to your dentist


Keep your dentist contact details handy and visit him or her every six months once. Visit them and get care for your teeth how much ever minimal the problem might be and keep your mouth and teeth hygienic. Even though with all the different ways of cleaning our teeth there is always a chance that we might be unable to clean everywhere. Hence with the help of dental surgical instruments it is good to get the teeth and gums cleaned every once in six months.

2. Avoid consumption of Tobacco


One of the most dangerous thing is consuming tobacco which is harmful to your teeth as well as your entire body. Tobacco consumption can cause you oral cancer. It also creates stains on your teeth allowing the growth of bacteria which is a cause for cavities and decay. Users of tobacco most commonly develop a habit of consuming candies or coffee after to avoid its smell which again can be injurious to the teeth. Hence avoid tobacco consumption.

1. Consume calcium and vitamin rich foods


The principal component of our teeth is calcium. Calcium is a substance which strengthens the teeth as well as our bones. Hence it always advisable to have calcium rich foods such as milk, fortified orange juice, yogurt, broccoli, cheese and other diary products of course the consumption should be limited depending on any other health issues. To maintain good health of dental hygiene foods rich with vitamin D, vitamin B complex, zinc, copper, iodine and potassium are very much essential.