Questions You Should Ask Before Joining a Driving School

Do you have a driving phobia? Or do you think it is too late to learn driving a vehicle? You would find the answer to all these problems in a professional driving school. Although many people are able to learn driving from friends or family, but if you want to learn such skills in little time, joining a professional driving school is the best options. A professional driving instructor is supposed to have various qualities like being patient and good coordination with the students. But before choosing such a school there are some of the points which you have to keep in mind and questions you should ask before enrolling in such course.

  • Is the fees justified? The duration of any driving school may vary from 7 days to half a month for normal vehicles. The time duration of each class and the quality of tutors are important factors which determine the price of the course. These courses are usually affordable, so make sure you check with some of the other driving schools before enrolling.
  • In which vehicle do they teach? It is extremely important to know which type of vehicle would be used to teach you how to drive. It might be justifiable for the school to use an old or outdated car to teach you the basics, but in the intermediate stage of learning modern and different type of cars (hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs) should be used to give you an overall experience.
  • Do they teach the theoretical aspect? If you are a pure novice, it could be important for you to learn theoretically how to ride a vehicle first before jumping into it. Many of the driving schools skip the basics and would directly hand you the keys. This fast-forward might prove to be disastrous. Theoretical knowledge might reduce the chances of accidents in the first ride and provides better understanding of the traffic rules.
  • What would be the routes? Bringing a beginner to a jam packed highway or training a student only on particular routes would be of no use. The trainers should be intelligent enough to take a novice on a practice track, and after some practise on a particular route and should change their route daily. This gives the trainee a wider experience and better understanding.
  • Would you know everything? I had enrolled myself in a driving school, but my trainer never took me to any rural areas of bumpy roads nor to an underground parking. Therefore I wasn’t able to get rid of my fear of driving on a slope. So learn from other’s mistakes and make sure that the training incorporates all kind of driving styles, from flyovers to steep roads.
  • The timing of the drive: Does the heading seem irrelevant to you? On the contrary, it is extremely important to practice at different time periods on different stages of learning. A beginner might find an early morning time slot to be suitable but after he has learned to drive, he would have to start practicing in the rush hours. Thus the timing of the driving school should be flexible in different stages of learning.