Multi-Purpose Conveyor Belt Systems at a Glance

In any industry, successful management is characterised by utmost efficiency- that is optimum productivity in the least possible amount of time. For this to happen, the movement of raw material, processing and finished goods needs to occur in an effectual way. This can be achieved most successfully by conveying systems. In fact these systems could very well be called the backbone of industrial activities, especially in the sphere of socio-economic development.

Conveyer belts are used expansively in various industries like mining, power, cement, fertiliser and steel plants, various production lines in factories, airports, railway stations, goods yards, ports, warehouses, granaries etc. Due to the fact that conveyer belts are used in multiple industries for different uses, they are designed and fabricated according to the user needs. The industry and technology behind conveyer belts is a crucial one as they provide the baseline to many other industries.

In accordance with the demand for various uses of conveyer belts, the manufacturers and suppliers offer products and services like crushing and screening, sampling station, stacking and reclaiming, bagging system, overland belt conveyers, pipe conveyers between mines and processing plant, tipplers for unloading from wagons and track hopper and unloading hopper.

The conveyer belt system consists of numerous components and allied engineering like steel tubes for idlers, pulleys and rollers. Idlers are a crucial part of the conveyer as they are the base of the belt and help it move at a regulated speed.

The durability of the belt system relies on the equipment. They help prevent damage on the belt and curtail belt fleet that can result from material build-up. Protection against abrasives is also provided by the equipment while the system is in operation. Some of the primary types of idlers used in conveyer belts are flat carrying, flat impact, spiral return, disc, live shaft, self-aligned return, roll return, self-cleaning return, transition and garland.

For the smooth operation of a conveyer belt system, quality idlers should be weather-proof including corrosion resistant. The vertical and horizontal movement of a conveyer belt is coordinated by the idlers.

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