How To Control your Anger: 10 Effective Ways

How To Control your Anger: 10 Effective Ways


“The next time you leave the toilet unflushed, I am gonna break your head into two…!!’’

It doesn’t take too much for people to verbalize such words these days. And beholding instances like the aforementioned I can very well deduce the fact that ANGER is indubitably the most far-flung virulent perturbation. Anger is omnipresent, it is omnipotent as well. Anger being a human behavior is ubiquitous in each and every individual at varying degrees and an angry person is simply off the senses to even analyze the most generalized. The Physician’s textbook says that, Anger is an emotional reaction characterized by extreme displeasure, rage, indignation, or hostility which is considered to be of pathologic origin when such a response does not realistically reflect a person’s actual circumstances often triggered by the adrenal medulla secretions of catecholamines, epinephrine, norepinephrine and adrenal cortex secretions of glucocorticoids. Now if u are irritated enough to read that really long bookish definition and you have thoughts of shouting what-the-hell-is-he-writing, then I must say you right there that Hang on! you need to slow down. You might very well be having symptoms of a rageholic! I don’t mean to scare you off, but have you ever wondered why at times you cannot just control all your senses and feel like bursting out? Getting angry at times is of course purely normal but getting angry way too often and over silly stuff is definitely queer.

Lets go to the scratch and think why this happens! Basically we are never taught or counseled about handling irritation which enables you to swallow it within your humanly limits beyond which your top blows up. Anger can be very dangerous both to you and the people around you. If you find yourself angry way too often you need to go through this. Here are the 10 best ways to control your anger and trust me it would help you out!




Leave- Just leave the place of agitation or the situation that has angered you. At times your mind is so perplexed that even the most handleable matters became intricately subtle. Although running away from a problem can’t exactly be the unambiguous solution to it but you need to realize that your mind and body do need a break. When you discontinue yourself from something that is actually annoying, you create and gain the valuable time for yourself which can compel you to come back hard and solve it as well.

wait it out

 9. Wait it out- “Research has shown that the neurological anger response lasts less than two seconds”, says Ronald Potter-Efron, Ph.D, an anger management specialist in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and a co-author of Letting Go of Anger. Beyond that, it takes a commitmentto stay angry. Mentally recite the Pledge of Allegiance or count to 10 and see if the urge to explode has diminished. Trust me, it works!

own your emotions

8. Own your emotions- A great saint once said, “A man who doesn’t has control over his senses can never be complete and successful’’ and indeed he has a vindicated point to make. Never allow your emotions to conquer you rather be the master of your emotions. The more you control your consciousness the more polite you are and the lesser you get angry. “I am really upset by your behavior” is much more effective and empowering than using abusive coarse jargon.

avoid abusing yourself

7. Avoid abusing yourself- The next important thing down the line to keep in mind is the averting of self-abusing anger. Certain individuals have the characteristic mentality to take things on themselves in order to gulp it up. Somewhere along the line, their self-esteem takes a beating and they often feel safer to take it out on themselves rather than anyone else. Perpetuity of diversion of the angry feelings inwards can set you up for continued disappointments and even depression. So every time you feel like assume blame ask yourself whether you have done anything at all to deserve your own outbursts!

work on yourself

6. Work on yourself- The sixth best thing to do when you are angry is to work it out on yourself. You need to substantiate and recognize the factors that make you angry. Make a list of your positive qualities in a piece of paper and all the other damaging factors that trigger the anger in another paper. Take the latter and either burn it up or flush it out in the toilet. Believe me, you will gain a psychological satisfaction that all your negativities have perished and when you feel that, try concentrating on your positivities. See! Its as simple as that!

listening to music

5. Lighten up you mood- Recreation can do marvels to lighten up your mood if you try enforcing it at the right time. Rage and anger can be efficaciously nullified if you switch yourself to entertainment. Try going out for a movie with a bunch of old pals, watch a comedy show, listen to some rejuvenating or soothing music (and preferably avoid the sorrow ones!) or exercise your hobbies that would keep you occupied and distracted from your anger.

avoid alcohol

4. Avoid using stress-busters- Its absolutely not impertinent to consume the so-called stress busters like alcohol, drugs or similar ingestions while you are raging with anger. It is a myth that using a bottle of wine can make you forget everything! If you believe that then you’re an addict and you never know what you end up doing forgetting everything! Alcohol, nicotine, drugs and similar consumptions make your brain weak and volatile to even judge the obvious. And when you are out of your senses you end up doing opposite to what you have intended. So that which you consider as the savior at your mad-times turns out to be the killer!

keep good company

3. Keep good company- Yes, you read it right! The third best thing to do when you are angry is to seize yourself into some good and decent company. We always have times going tough for us but we must have those lovely people around us who would never fall back to guide us, show us the right path and lighten up our mood. Be it your family or your bosom friends. Take some time out with them, share jokes, play pranks, go out for a movie or dinner. Although I would never suggest you go out on a date when you are really angry because you might have ample chances to screw things up but if you have that someone special to share your problems, seek advice and whom you trust then go for the informal talks.

visit a psychiatrist

2. Visit a Professional- If you have tried all the above said tricks and tips and still are unable to cool that burning pot off then I suggest you visit a professional. At times visiting a psychiatrist or a counselor helps you decide and realize the solutions to your adversities. And remember it is absolutely normal to visit such people and you must not feel mad or inferior about it.

physical exercise

1. Regular Physical Exercise- It’s time for the best thing on the lists10 tally for controlling your anger and that is continuous and regular physical exercise. A wise man once said that “Prevention is better than cure” and today its even medically proven that a person who performs regular physical exercise is less likely to get angry over silly things or way too often. Physical exercise keeps your mind and body maintain that perfect synchrony where you enjoy the quality of thinking and acting wisely. Moreover engaging in meditation and Yoga helps you control your senses and increments your concentrating power. Thus its always better to keep things that makes you angry at bay which is achieved by regular physical exercises. So, keep calm, have a healthy body, have a healthy diet free from spices and stay blessed!