5 Tips for Hiring a Moving Company

It can be incredibly stressful and toll taking to move to another house, specially if you are doing it for the first time. However, with a slight bit of planning beforehand, you can simplify the task a huge bit. Here are 5 tips to follow when moving to your new house to make it a less tedious process :


  1. Moving Scope


Have you decided how are you willing to go about your packing? Are you planning to do the packing on your own or wanting the company to perform the task? If planning to do it yourself, you must factor in the time involved and any associated costs for packing materials, just as you would when hiring the company. While hiring a local vendor may be a good choice when travelling close by, if moving states, you would require a good national vendor for the moving. This decision hence depends on your cope of moving. While it may cost more to hire national vendors, they are trustworthier than local ones.


  1. Ask for Recommendations


Remember if anyone from friends or family has used any moving services in a while. You could look for recommendations in the peer group. The information is best received from someone who has used the service first hand. It is more reliable than testimonials and you could ask for contact details of the people from the company who assisted them in the moving.


  1. The Reviews and Ratings


You must ensure that the movers you are relying on are licensed and insured. Different states usually have different requirements from the company, you must however ensure from the official agency about the legitimacy of the moving company. Moreover, you may want to enquire and verify the rating of the company with BBB and then choose to hire the company with the highest ratings or reviews. A moving company that has kept most of the prior customers satisfied is likely to repeat the experience with you.


  1. In-Home estimates


Most reputed moving companies offer the in-home estimates free of charge. You must hence first sort and be specific of the things you are looking to move to your new house. You must also inform them of any items kept out of sight like basement storage items or barbeque grill that you are looking to carry. It is best to receive the estimate in writing with all added costs and charges included with the list of detailed charges clearly jotted. You can ask for a copy of the estimate to compare with other companies and to have the amount quoted written with you.



  1. Ask Questions



Simple queries too are important and must be answered. You must question about the experience the company has. You must question whether they are licensed and insured? Also, when the deal is done, you must question about any surcharges, insured value of the fees and anything which you fail to understand in the contract.


The research is going to make your moving process an easier and reasonable one while keeping it pretty stress free too.