10 Disadvantages of Eating Maggie Noodles

10 Disadvantages of Eating Maggie Noodles

Maggie noodles, the most ponderous, cheap and favorite all time of all age groups! This must be the best invention of the century that has tried to eradicate hunger amongst all the busy and working people who hardly have time to open their kitchen door and rustle up something. Well this very prominent food has received its worldwide appreciation and also the nutrients that are being displayed on the pack may seem worthy to some.

Gone are the disciplined days when people were too busy to eat anything except their staple food, but the present generation has very effectively negotiated their time with unhygienic and unhealthy food stuffs and the results are quite embarrassing with a lot of new illness coming forth. In the present scenario, instant noodles have been referred as Cancer Noodles. The slogan “Taste bhi Health bhi”, seems to disagree and contradict itself and quite many evidences have been found which support my point.

Trying to jargon, the endorsements seem to sly people and Maggie has not only conquered the minds of people but also captured and reined their hearts. It is very dauntless move to avoid and shade off the Maggie from your kitchens and cutlery, but it ought to be ceded upon to restrict the intake of this very feasible food.

2 minutes Maggie Noodles can be explicit and intriguing to your stomach and its internal systems. Thus it is important to avoid the malediction of this food as many cases have been witnessed of sufferings due to excessive Maggie intake.

Let us investigate the key disadvantages this reckonable and auric noodle provides us with.

10.  Junk Food


A large number of people are prone to junk food in this fast paced world where you hardly have time to gobble up anything. This lack of time and tide forces you to switch over to substituents like Maggie Noodles where all you need is to add 2 cups of hot boiling water. But this fast and quick food is surely appended to the list of junk foods. Marked and emphasized as junk food by the health experts, Maggie Noodles have been found to count on Maida, i.e. fat, carbohydrate and sugar that is made from the left over husk of wheat. It is not easily digestible and thus is reckoned among junk food that can increase a lot of problems within your body.

9. Digestive System Problems


People who live mostly on Maggie are characterized by problems in digestive system like stomach ache and seldom problems of liver and pancreas. This is really an alarming issue that can transform your healthy and gay life to a life full of occasional and sometimes often miseries. Something always has to be remunerated at the stake of flavor. The digestive system is always a prime target of this junk food which tempestuously atrophies your system and leaves you with the problems of indigestion and gastroenteritis. The charlatan and quacking has always seemed to build a glossy image of this food, but the truth lies beneath and in your stomach!

8. Low in Vitamins


The pack and wrapper of Maggie Noodles will make you forget the whole world and will insist you to believe that it is the only nutritious food in the world that can be prepared within a few minutes. But the truth is still to unveil itself. Studied by doctors and health experts, the instant noodles that are served and relished readily are found to be deficient of vitamins and minerals. It has been pondered that a single serving of Maggie noodles is deficit of necessary proteins and vitamins that simply concludes that this food can serve no better in the long run. There has been no claim that the product is rich in calcium and minerals, although the product boosts itself to showcase such things on packet.

7. High amounts of Sodium


Sodium is said to be life-ceasing for people who suffer from high blood pressure problems. Studies reveal that our favorite noodles are a treasure of sodium and are really risking for vulnerable people. Maggie Noodles have high amounts of sodium that have been found quite bad for school going kids and elderly people. Also large traces of monosodium glutamate have also been found in such noodles that are found quite harmful. Small aged Maggie Lovers can go through problems if Maggie is consumed on a daily basis. High amounts of sodium is criticized for hypertension and heart problems that can seriously affect your daily life style.

6.  Obesity


Eating too much Maggie can cause problem of cholesterol and heart problems that may seem to block your heart and arteries and veins flow. Although the number of obese people is gradually increasing day by day , daily intake of Maggie Noodles can constraint and bind you in the vicious circle of obesity that one can hardly come out of!

5. Dehydration


Many problems of dehydration have always been reported by the Maggie consumers on a daily basis.  Health problems are quite witnessed in old aged people who consume Maggie and people who are generally laptop workers. The highly sticky and mugged up noodles can stick within your organs and can create serious problems that can lead to loose motions and loss of excessive water from your body.

4. Processing before Packing


Many claims have been laid about high quantity of fat present in Maggie noodles. Maggie noodles are claimed that they are fired before packing, thus increasing the fat content in the noodles. Also the Instant and beloved noodles have been applauded to contain only the carbohydrates thereby giving rise to large amount of fat. This kind of processing before packaging has been revealed to lessen the number of nutrients and thus can further make the food more wanting of nutrition. Thus most of the claims and promises done by the Maggie Company is fake and full of false base.

3. Atta Noodles


Well manufactured from the whole wheat, Atta Noodles may seem alright but the illusion that high amounts of nutrition of veggies is totally fake. It is a world-wide accepted fact that 2-3 desiccated peas and some traces of carrot can never aid in improving the nutritional value of any eatable. All these are just an armor to blindfold the public and to increase their sales of product.  The new Atta Noodles became quite prominent and blessed for its nutritional value but all the truth lies a hundred feet down the reality.

2.  Vegetarian or not


It is still a disputable issue that Maggie Noodles is vegetarian product or not! People accuse Maggie and still many doubts prevail about the use of Pork in manufacturing Maggie. So all my vegetarian Maggie lovers, just think before you consume this product. While the scarce mongers and marketing chaps always try to advertise themselves, it is our initiative to ponder upon such endorsements.

1. High Calories


One regular packet is estimated to contain 400 calories, well this proves that it contains very high content of calories. So it is really unhygienic for the people suffering from heart diseases and cholesterol problems. Also many tirades have been revealed, but still the product continues to establish its zenith among the most loved and applauded snack. High calories is still a worry issue and thus impetus has been laid to restrict the intake of Maggie noodles.

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